Shifflett v. Latitude Properties, Inc.

Where an income tax return has not been filed by the return date on a writ of fieri facias, any potential income tax refunds for the applicable tax year are not “in possession of or under the control of the debtor” so as to be reachable by the lien under Va. Code 8.01-501 and -507. Creditors obtained separate judgments against Debtors and issued to Debtors writs of fieri facias. The general district court entered transfer orders in favor of Creditors requiring Debtors to turn over their 2015 income tax refunds to Creditors. Debtors appealed the transfer orders to the circuit court, arguing that the general district court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to enter the transfer orders because Debtors had not filed their 2015 income tax returns as of the return date of the writ. The circuit court ruled in favor of Creditors. The Supreme Court reversed, holding that, for purposes of Va. Code 8.01-507, Debtors were not entitled to, nor did they have a fixed property interest in, the 2015 income tax refunds at the time of the return date on the writ of fieri facias. View "Shifflett v. Latitude Properties, Inc." on Justia Law