Granite State Management & Resources v. City of Concord

Respondent City of Concord appealed a superior court order granting summary judgment to petitioner Granite State Management & Resources (GSMR), and denying summary judgment to the City, based upon a finding that GSMR is a charitable organization eligible for a tax exemption under RSA 72:23, V (2012) for tax years 2008 and 2009. The trial court found that “there [could] be no serious dispute that the fundamental purpose of GSMR is to service educational loans” and that its only assets “likely to generate income are the loan servicing assets.” GSMR derived income from origination fees paid by borrowers, loan servicing and origination fees paid by institutions, and interest stemming from the education loans that GSMR administered. It used its income to pay expenses, for uncollectible loans and collection expenses, to fund loan default reserves, to "provide student[s], parent[s], and institution[s] information and counseling, . . . to pay for new educational loan related activities and services,” and to market its services. In 2008 and 2009, GSMR serviced approximately $2.5 billion in loans, earned a substantial net profit, maintained investments, and retained a surplus. The Supreme Court disagreed with the City that by virtue of servicing other lenders' loans GSMY was categorically ineligible for a charitable tax exemption, and affirmed the trial court with respect to denying the City's motion. The Court found genuine issues of material facts with regard to GMSR's motion, and reversed and remanded for further proceedings. View "Granite State Management & Resources v. City of Concord" on Justia Law